oil everyday

December 24, 2014

what i love most about winter is that i can play around with all the oils available..i mean to pamper myself with different oils..the rest of the year is about humidity and heat so i take full advantage of the very short winter months..today i am gonna be talking about castor oil..castor oil helps hair growth..i do not like to use it on my hair because of its very thick consistency but i use it religiously on my eyebrows and eyelashes..i apply it using my finger tips or cotton pad whatever..after 30 minutes i just wipe it off with cotton pad ( soaked in warm water and excess water squeezed )..i do this activity while at home or before sleeping..it helps grow eyebrows and eyelashes..now this oil when mixed with some other oil can be used on hair too but i personally do not like it as it has a crazy thick consistency..i am currently using Aloe Veda distil castor oil..i simply love Aloe Veda oils.

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