summer ready

May 23, 2015

it is that time of the year when we wear shorts, skirts, dresses and sandals flaunting our legs and feet ..so let's prep and pamper them..the most important and the first thing to do is to exfoliate the skin..this step helps getting the best skin ever..i usually use sugar scrub but right now i am experimenting with jovees foot cream & scrub nothing fancy but works well..the next step is to wash off the scrub to feel the super smooth radiant skin..it is now time to get rid of the nasty hair..i use men's razor and coconut oil or conditioner as shaving cream to shave my legs..using men's razor gives a closer shave..if you hate to shave, waxing and using an epilator are other options..using a razor works best for me as it saves a lot of time..the next step is to rinse with warm water and also to soak the feet in warm soapy water for 5 minutes maximum..this will help soften the callus..then i use a pumice stone to remove the callus..one can use a foot file too..after that i brush my nails using a nail brush and soap..then i give a thorough rinse and pat them dry..finally i moisturise my feet and oil the cuticles with a cuticle oil..now i am good to go with or without a nail paint..happy summer and keep flaunting your beautiful legs.

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