summer smoothie

May 31, 2015

what's the best thing to do as we get up in a summer morning?..for me nothing is better than having a cold refreshing smoothie..my current favorite is a melon and milk smoothie..oh my god it tastes so good and refreshing..the recipe is quite simple just blend bite size pieces of melon and milk until smooth and it is ready to be served with some ice cubes..you can use any type of milk like almond milk, soy milk but i like this smoothie with dairy milk the most..i like my smoothie without added sweetness as melons here are very sweet..you can add raisins, dates or honey for extra sweetness..i enjoy this drink while soaking up the morning sun and also letting my nails breathe..can we not mind my sleepwear, my not so clean face but notice the slightly green smoothie..the color will vary depending on what type of melon is used..happy drinking. 

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