manicure with care

June 30, 2015
i am a nail person..i love taking care of my nails and adore them..the best way to care for nails is to let them breathe with no nail paints on..things i use for my nail care routine are a nail file, nail buffer, cuticle oil and a hand cream..i use sally hansen no more ridges nail shaper and buffer to file and buff my nails..to oil my cuticles and nails i use sally hansen vitamin e nail and cuticle oil..i use any hand cream..the first thing to do before the actual process begins is to remove previous nail polish using a nail polish remover preferably an acetone free one as it is less drying..let us get started..
step 1: the first step is to shape & file nail edges using the sky blue face..You can use any nail file..it is important to file nails in one direction only not back and forth.

step 2: next step is to smooth the nail surface using the grey face to remove nail ridges.

step 3: then buff it with the orange face to get smooth & even nail surfaces.

step 4: now polish with the white face to get a shiny & glossy finish.

step 5: apply nail & cuticle oil  for nourishment..then give a good massage..further if you want to apply nail paint, wash off the oil after some time.

step 6: you can now apply a base coat to prevent staining of the nails from the nail paint.

step 7: apply the nail paint starting from the middle and then move to the sides..apply two coats if needed..any excess nail paint on the skin should be removed using some remover and a small brush..then finish off with a top coat so that the nail paint lasts long..as the top coat  dries apply cuticle oil to the cuticles again..complete the manicure with a hand cream.

a white nail paint is a good option for summer.

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