scrub sweetness

June 12, 2015
don't you think we find most of our beauty solutions in our kitchen shelves?? i do and the humble ingredients in the kitchen do wonders..i love to diy beauty solutions using kitchen ingredients as i know what goes in them and are too effective for the cost..today the post is about diy sugar scrub..this scrub is meant for lips, legs, feet, knees, elbows and other dry body parts..now let's get started.

coconut oil, sugar and a container with lid are all you need to diy this scrub.

pour 1 part of melted coconut oil in a container with lid.

add 3 parts of sugar in the container..this 1:3 proportion works best for me..you can also adjust the proportion to get the desired consistency.

mix the two ingredients thoroughly, close the lid and use it any time..this sweet sugar scrub smells so good and works so well.

here i am scrubbing my lips back and forth with my diy scrub..it makes the lips pink and healthy..it may be time consuming, messy to diy and easier to use the ones readily available in stores but nothing works better than the self made ones.

selfie after a lip scrub..quite happy with the result..pink healthy lips.

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