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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had an awesome January.

Today I would like to talk about woolen clothing. We all know wool is an essential clothing material we have been using for centuries and continues to use till today despite the creation of more complex artificial clothing fabrics. That is because there are some unique advantages wool has over artificial fabrics and other natural fibers like cotton and linen.

1. Wool is a wonderful natural insulator.
Wool fibers are not perfectly smooth or straight. Instead, they’re crimped which helps in crating tiny insulating air spaces that retain more heat.

2. Wool wicks moisture.
Aside from blocking most external moisture, wool fibers wick perspiration away from the body. So, in cold weather, woolen clothes keep us warm and when the temperature increases, they wick sweat and other types of dampness away from the body keeping us dry.

3. Wool is breathable and regulates temperature.
This unique property makes wool the perfect fiber for crafting outerwear and insulating apparel.

4. Wool is naturally odor-resistant unlike synthetic fabrics.

5. Wool is a naturally lightweight fabric but very strong that resists tears more readily than other fabrics and is water resistant.

But woolen clothes require special care while washing. It is easy to get spoiled if not washed carefully. Some of the important points to remember & to follow while washing woolen clothes are:

1. We should use mild detergent and cold water for soaking the woolen garments for about 10-15 minutes.

2. It’s always better to hand wash wool, but we can always refer to the care label. When washing in washing machine, it should be in ‘Gentle’ setting.

3. We should not wring out woolen clothes since wringing it or twisting it will stretch the yarns out of shape.

4. Dry Flat - We should lay the garment on a clean towel and roll it up like a jelly roll to extract water. Then we should unfurl and let it dry on a new towel or a mesh rack. We can adjust the fit slightly bigger or smaller, and as the garment dries it will set in place.

5. While washing smaller items like scarf in washing machine, it is better to enclose it in lingerie bag made especially for washing small items so that it does not get all tangled up with the other clothes or itself during the washing. Alternatively, we can put the scarf into a pillowcase and fold it over once or twice.

Finally, while storing for long months, we should fold the knits nicely and place them in an airtight plastic bin before placing it in the wardrobe. We can throw in some insect repellant to keep to bugs out. A sachet filled with dry lavender will do the job.

Woolen scarfs are good gifts. They are my preferred gifting items. I recently gifted one each to my mom and my grandma. What about you like woolens? Till next time, bye.

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  1. Love it! Stay warm, dear!

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  4. Amazing post and love your thoughtful words.

    Thanks for the support, I deeply appreciate it!!


  5. This is such a wonderful, informative post! I didn't know all of these awesome benefits to wearing wool, thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having the best start to your week!



  6. Loved this post and tips! I always wrap it on towels overnight, to soak the water... :)


  7. Great tips! Love your wool scarves!
    xo, Jane

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  9. I did not know that wool wicks moisture or resists odor. That's so cool! No wonder it's so comfortable to wear.

    xx Yasmin

  10. Thanks for all these tips! I adore wool, especially sweaters and socks! They are so warm! I've been guilty of shrinking some wool items by throwing them in the washer and then being so sad!

    Love, Mary

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    X Merel

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    I FOLLOW ;)

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    - Che

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