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Friday, 14 October 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. Today I wanna talk about how to choose white shirts as I love them and I have been wearing them pretty much my whole life. So here are five points to consider while buying a white shirt:

  1. If you are looking for a crisp white shirt just go for it and don't settle for an off-white or cream or nude one. I find people often end up buying these alternatives as there's this notion that whites are difficult to maintain. Trust me, it's not that difficult. You just become more careful with your shirt. That's all. No other shirt can give the look & feel of a good crisp white shirt.
  2. For me the material is the most important. I am totally into 100% cotton or linen ones as I have embraced the wrinkles. If you do not mind wrinkles, light weight cotton & linen ones are the best. Silk is another great option if the weather is not too hot.
  3. Before buying a shirt, one should wear it & check it thoroughly. I do not just stand in front of the trial room mirror, I walk around, sit, lift both arms, tuck it in/out and see how it fits me. Also to check is whether there is any gap in between the buttons when you move. Gap is a big no no as it means either the shirt does not fit you or something is not right with the design.
  4. The collar should not be too stiff as it will irritate the neck. Though the one I am wearing here has no pockets, I prefer two pockets over one or no pocket and the important thing is pockets should not be too small or else it looks silly (to me at least).
  5. One should always read the care/wash instructions. For example, if you are not a dry clean person, there is no point getting one which requires dry cleaning.
That's all I wanna share today. So do you also love white shirts? Lemme know how you choose yours. Till next time, bye.

Shirt - Next  |  Skirt - M&S  |  Shoes - Nike
17 comments on "HOW TO CHOOSE A WHITE SHIRT"
  1. Love this shirt! Perfect outfit.

  2. I adore white shirts, they're such a classic and can be worn with so much. Love how you've styled yours!
    Amy xx

  3. I love white shirts and yours looks so good! These are great tips and definitely agree that quality is very important!

  4. Love this post! I am obsessed with white shirts and am currently on the hunt for some good ones. I agree that the material is sooooo important. <3


  5. cute post!
    xo elizabeth

  6. Thanks for the tips, it is helpful and makes sense. Nice outfit here Eva!

  7. Great look! Love those Nikes!


  8. These are very helpful tips, I love white shirts and always look for one that's better than the ones in my wardrobe.


  9. OMG love this outfit, that shirt is everything!

    Adaora x

  10. Such a great post, I am always looking for the perfect white shirt. This look is so great! I love the Nike shoes with it :)
    xx Annie

  11. Love how you styled this look!

  12. I really like your tips here on checking the fitting by moving around etc. This is where I go wrong with buttoned shirts…they sometimes look great standing still…and then gaping or odd shaped once I start wearing them.

    Also my family is from Delhi, and I haven't been back in a few years…but it really seems Delhi has become a lot more fashionable since I was last there! You make it look good. And somehow you find places to shoot without loads of people in the background :)

    x Priya

  13. Yaas!! A massive yes to your outfit <3 Great matching white shirts with sneakers. Leo print makes it sophisticated :)


  14. "Whites are difficult to maintain. Trust me, it's not that difficult." haha true!! Plus, nothing can beat the subtle elegance of a crisp white shirt. I agree with all your tips, thanks for sharing. Also, I love the styling you gave to your white shirt: modern and classic at the same time. :)

  15. Great tips babe! Lovely white shirt

    Kisses, BLOG | TAISLANY

  16. I love your shirt and glasses! <3

    i you want follow me, please