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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hello everyone hope you are well. I am finally back after a long break. At this point I realize it is good (and also important) to take a break. It almost feels like a new beginning. I am refreshed and energized.

I am excited to do this blogpost because I have been looking for a black dress with a V-back and I finally found one. You know how awesome it feels when you get something you really want. The side slit makes it even more desirable. I mean what more can you expect from a dress that costs less than $15. 

Here I am also experimenting with new edits and having fun. I have also decided not to take things so seriously as it kills all the fun. So whatever you do have fun with it :)

I scored quite a few gorgeous dresses so stay tuned. Till next time bye.

Dress - H&M  |  Bag - Zara  |  Flats - H&M  |  Jewelry - Tanishq
10 comments on "V BACK DRESS"
  1. Loving this outfit! You look amazing xoxo

  2. wow, that bag is super cute!!


  3. I like the bag the best in this shoot!
    I love easy to wear dresses and this one is no exception!
    Set to Glow

  4. This bag is so pretty! Love the ruffle details.

    X Merel

  5. All the wait was worth it! Found such a pretty V back black dress! It looks really good with those pointy toe flats and the red bag. Wishing you a great Monday! xx


  6. Hi Eva, glad you're back! I hope you've been well:) I'm also taking a break, or at least..I'm taking everything very slowly hehe..Love this outfit btw! The black dress is such a statement piece! xo, Vivian

  7. Oh very great style
    I love it your dress.
    Kristina |

  8. Love your outfit!

  9. Perfect match of bag and dress !!! Love the combination