Happy December yáll.

Colder months are here. Time to pull out those cozy jumpers, over-sized scarfs, boots, coats and what not. Enjoy this month with your loved ones coz it's the official celebration month of the year.

Till next time, bye.

Hello everyone hope you are well. I am finally back after a long break. At this point I realize it is good (and also important) to take a break. It almost feels like a new beginning. I am refreshed and energized.

I am excited to do this blogpost because I have been looking for a black dress with a V-back and I finally found one. You know how awesome it feels when you get something you really want. The side slit makes it even more desirable. I mean what more can you expect from a dress that costs less than $15. 

Here I am also experimenting with new edits and having fun. I have also decided not to take things so seriously as it kills all the fun. So whatever you do have fun with it :)

I scored quite a few gorgeous dresses so stay tuned. Till next time bye.

Dress - H&M  |  Bag - Zara  |  Flats - H&M  |  Jewelry - Tanishq
Hello everyone hope you are well. Today, I am very excited to share my first youtube video here.

Making videos has been in my mind for some time now. I'm glad I have taken the first step. We had a lot of fun filming & editing this video. It took quite some time and effort creating this video but it was well worth it. So guys, kindly check it out and lemme know your thoughts.

Also, I am currently working on my next video & can't wait to share it. Till next time, bye.

Hello everyone hope you are well. I almost forgot Delhi is such a hot place. The temperature rose suddenly today and I am back to reality.  

Today let us talk about traveling. Why do you travel? If you ask me I travel to people-watch, see the vibrancy of the place or experience cultural shock. Food is also a big part. I love hanging out at a local cafe, sip a cup of coffee and feel the place. I don't like visiting touristy spots because such places are always too crowded. Comment and lemme know why you travel. Till next time, bye.

Dress - Forever21  |  Slides - Koovs 
Location - Fontainhas

Hello everyone hope you are well. It's a long weekend here and I am totally excited about it. Long weekend coz tomorrow is Holi. Just to let you know Holi is the festival of colours celebrated in India. Tomorrow i get to see all the colours one can ever think of. How beautiful! I can't tell you how glad I am to be an Indian. India is filled with festivity and there is always something going on. There is at least one festival every month. One can never be bored or less excited. How cool and awesome is that!!

Happy Holi! Till next time, bye.

Dress   :   Zara    /    Location   :    Cavelossim Beach


Top - M&S  |  Skirt - Forever21  |  Sandals - Zaful

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