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Monday, 27 June 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. Today I am wearing my favorite pair of white shoes. They are so much fun and comfy to wear. The best part is they go well with just about anything. And washable too. Isn't that great? There is something about the color white that I tend to buy anything and everything in white and this pair came out to be too good. I bought this white bag long back but somehow it never gets to leave my wardrobe. It's great I found it recently and I am loving it. About this dress I quite like the floral print and the length of the sleeves. Have an amazing week y'all. Till next time, bye.

Shoes - H&M


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. Today I am wearing my favorite men's t-shirt. The print on it is quite interesting and I absolutely love it. I have this thing for men's t-shirt. Almost all my tees are from the men's section. What is amazing about this one is it can also be worn as a t-shirt dress because it has the perfect length. And, oh yeah! didn't I tell you I actually bought this for my bro but I decided to keep it myself? Do you also love men's t-shirt? Till next time, bye. 


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. It's summer vacation and I am having lots of fun with my siblings. I meet them twice a year (summer holidays and winter holidays) so we make sure we do lots of fun activities together. How are you spending your summer days?

Today I am wearing my favorite sequin shirt. I totally love it. It has the right amount of sequins perfect for summer wear. These H&M denim culottes are so comfy that they are my go-to pants now.

Happy Summer y'all. Till next time, bye.


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. May has been an exciting month for me. I hope June will be amazing. Wish you a Happy New Month. 


Friday, 27 May 2016

Hello dear all hope you are well. Today I am featuring my favorite denim culottes from H&M. I can't tell you how comfy they are. They are so easy to style, the material is light-weight and is perfect for Delhi summers. Being high waist is a major plus point. I am currently obsessed with this piece. Here, I have worn it with a floral top which has been with me for ages and I still love it. So that's all for now. Till next time, bye.

Denim Culottes - H&M  |  Top - Vintage  |  Wedges - Woodland 


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hello everyone hope you are well. Today I am wearing my slip dress (which is a lingerie) tucked into a black pleated skirt. I do not feel I am wearing an undergarment as an outerwear. This slip dress is from Marks & Spencer. M&S is one of my favorite brands. They do very comfy undergarments and good quality shapewear. As for outerwear I love how structured their clothes are and how well-made they are. I wore them herehere and here. I also love their autograph lipsticks. For the price I pay they offer me the best of quality. When it comes to shopping the first brand which comes to my mind is M&S. Also one of its stores is just 5 minutes drive from where I live which is always a plus point. Overall I love it. Do you have a favorite store/brand like I do? Lemme know I would love to explore them. Have a relaxing weekend bye.

Slip dress - Marks & Spencer  |  Pleated skirt, Bag - Neighborhood store  |  Heels - Clarks